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1 record label and 3 albums !

3 groups produce their 1st or 2nd album under an independent record label.

About the project

This collection is actually four goals :

The Pince-Oreilles Collective is now 3 years old, and after considering how best to share his music, we've decided to create our own label.

This year, three of the eight bands of the collective are engaged in the production of their record, so it was the perfect opportunity for this "labellistic evolution".

Grégory Sallet Quintet

The first album GS5tet will lay the foundation of the group.
This one is based on the groove, rhythm and energy drawn from currents from Steve Coleman Steve Lehman or Dave Binney, and European modern jazz.

Grégory Sallet : saxophones
Aurélien Joly : trumpet
Romain Baret : guitar
Michel Molines : doublebasse
Guillaume Bertrand : drums

Romain Baret Trio

This debut album has just been registered (the 3 to 5 September 2013) and mixed (early November) at The Studio Art Scene in Bourgoin (near Lyon, France). It was an opportunity for the trio to meet the great Eric Prost who was invited on three of the eight tracks that contain the disk. The album will be released in April-May 2014.

Romain Baret : guitar
Michel Molines : doublebasse
Sébastien Necca : drums

+ Eric Prost : tenor saxophone

Trio Enchant(i)er

Trio Enchant(i)er will release in 2014 his 2nd album. Improvisation revolves around five original compositions from the group. This disc (recorded and mixed by Adrian Bourget at the Studio Artscène) is an additional step in the work of this unusual group.

Grégory Sallet : saxophones
Olivier Jambois : guitar
Kévin Lucchetti : drums

The record label

First piece of independence, this label will allow groups of the Pince-Oreilles Collective and friend's groups get their discs with a recognizable visual and sound identity. It is also the starting point for the physical and digital distribustion recordings it 'll get under his control.

What are the funds for?

Each of the three bands has, with pretty much the same cost :

  • 2 or 3 recording days at L'Art Scène studio : 670 or €942
  • 2 or 3 mix days at L'Art Scène studio : 670 or €942
  • mastering : 300 to €400
  • graphisme : € 500
  • CD duplication and packaging : € 1,100
  • rights to duplicat (SACEM - SDRM) : € 400

A total of at least € 3,640 per group, or about € 13,000 for the 3 discs.

Side label :

  • website conception : € 800
  • a logo and a graphic : € 730

Representing an investment of € 1,530.

Representing an investment of € 1,530.

Saw eye you will see that the goal here on Ulule only cover a portion of the costs which will face groups and the collective. It was thus decided that the euro will be collected as follows :

  • € 1000 for the Trio Enchant(i)er
  • € 1000 for the Greg Sallet Quintet
  • € 1000 for the Romain Baret Trio
  • € 680 logo and a graphic for the label
  • € 320 to adjust commissions Ulule and Paypal.

About the project owner

The Pince-Oreilles Collective is a network of friends bands, eight bands currently playing a fresh and inventive music, whose sources are on the side of and improvised jazz and progressive rock !

The reputation of these bands is growing and recognized: The Aquarium Orchestra played on stages and festivals nationals (Sunset, Jazz in Marciac...) and was JAZZ(s)RA 2010 selection, the Trio Enchant(i)er won the national springboard Jazz à Vienne - Rezzo 2011 and Revelation Jazz Magazine, Anne Quillier 6tet won the of 36 ° national Defense Jazz Competition...

Many sounds and videos are audible and visible on the website of the collective :

Romain Baret Trio - Jazz à Vienne 2013 (photo Youri Picart)