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1642 Orange

Be the first to try the new 1642 Orange ! Every zesture count !

About the project

1642, the drinks that make your days better, invites you to participate in the development of their new product. 1642 Orange, it'll be your dose of vitamin C during the winter, better than a trip to the south. Oranges, natural sugars and a touch of Quebec sea buckthorn, the perfect mix for a gourmet moment. We need you to finance the design of a new recipe. Why support 1642 today?

  • Because you want to be the first to get your hands on 1642 Orange and you want to open the first bottle with us at the launch. Exclusive edition, numbered bottle for contributors.
  • Because we make drinks with quality ingredients, different and unique taste

  • Because 1642 is a young company but still supports more than 350 direct or indirect jobs in Quebec. We work with companies in Sherbrooke, Plessisville, Laval, Montreal, Dorval etc ...

  • Because (Attention: name dropping) Véronique Rivest, Martin Picard, Normand Laprise, Danny St-Pierre and David Mc Millan are our customers, and they have taste, like you

  • Because there is nothing flatter than a world where we all drink the same thing
  • Because you know the ingredients: no need for a chemistry degree to understand us Because we are real people, not numbers (ok, we're called 1642!)

What are the funds for?

This time we are unveiling for real. We dissect the costs of a magic recipe. And yes, it costs money and stumbling. What is fun in the story is that you are offered very nice and especially exclusive rewards for this campaign.

About the project owner

Une jeune équipe dynamique de Montréal

Bastien Poulain, 34 years old. Founder of sodas 1642. He grew up in Brittany (France) and settled in Montreal in 2008. He likes entrepreneurship and if you ask him his greatest pride he will answer you this: "'To be able to give back by creating the wealth in Montreal is my greatest pride. Quebec welcomed me with open arms '

Mélanie Mamet, 37 years old. Director of Operations and Partner at 1642 Sodas. After traveling a lot, she settled in Montreal in 2014. She fell in love with her new city and adopted Denis Coderre's motto: Sky is the limit

Maxime Lambert, 30 years old. Director of Sales and Marketing at 1642 Sodas. Passionate about good food and misology. He grew up not far from Lyon (France)