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Web Serie

About the project

13 is a web series inspired by a true story.

1503. Southern Italy is controversial among Spanish troops and the French army. Mercenary Hector is looking for the 13 best Italian swordsmen to fight a challenge that will decide on the honor and destiny of his country.

The series will see several narrative lines developing. We will follow the political intrigues orchestrated by the noble captains of the two invading armies, who will move the pawns and the balance in an attempt to conquer the favor of their sovereigns. The young Mercenary Hector, at the service of the Spanish army, will undertake a journey in search of the knights who will fight the challenge. His challenger, La Motte, will do everything to hinder him. Around us, our protagonists will be allies, enemies and traitors.

The spoken language will be mainly Italian (in a balanced mix between ancient and modern). French and Spanish people will speak to each other in their own language (non-native actors will be followed by a language tutor).

13 is a Renaissance costume web series that seeks in low cost to focus on good technical quality to carve out a possible space in the future even outside the borders of the web.

* For any information, do not hesitate to write to [email protected] or directly on our Facebook page. *

What are the funds for?

The funds raised will be used for everything that is needed for the realization of any audiovisual product.

They will be renting shooting equipment / photography, costumes and scenery. They will be serving for the catering and reimbursements of the cost of the whole crew. Lastly, they will serve to pay all the professionals who will take part in the project and who, even if they come at an affordable price, deserve to recognize their experience.

Creative group Noraneko Productions, as the creator and creator of the project, does not intend to gain anything from the collection. In fact, aiming at an ever-increasing quality of the stage, it aims to stimulate it to grow the series as much as possible.

About the project owner

Noraneko Produzioni is a little creative collective based in Milan.

FB Page:

The project is created and directing by Alessandro Lovecchio. 

Videomaker and freelance director. After artistic studies he attends the first year of preparation at the Cinema and Television School in Milan. The following year he undertook a three-year course at the Cinematographic Institute Michelangelo Antonioni where he graduated in 2014. He participates in several video contests with positive results and works actively as a freelance videomaker for several web/video agency in Milan. In 2016, together with some former companions of course, informally founded the small joint Noraneko Productions, with whom he produced several shorts and pilot series.