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1001 Fesses World Tour

Help us photograph 1001 women's bums - a visual poem, a tribute to female beauty.

About the project

Collect 1001 Women’s Bums.

Of all shapes, ages, and colours. This is the photographic project, a little crazy, which we decided to take on, first with our friends and then with strangers, in the hopes of creating a long visual poem through unique female meetings and shared experiences.

Our project, created in november 2014, caught the media’s attention as well as a large following on social media… bringing with it an unexpected surprise: over 400 requests to participate as models from women all over the world.

 “ We have to go meet these women, know their beauty, and transform these photoshoots into something more: human rituals, each a unique experience. ”

Imagine, 1001 bums from everywhere. Some boring, some crazy, some long, some rich, some crooked, softened or young. An ode to woman expressing the beauty of ALL our bums.

We need your help because meeting all these women takes time, resources, and, of course, money.

Discover our first photographs.

What are the funds for?

Just as a band would organize a world tour, 1001Fesses will add a new region or destination as soon as each partial goal is reached. Each bracket of 12 000$ ( 8050€ ) will help us travel to a new destination !

Our goal is to go on each continent where models await us in order to photograph bums in their natural environment !

Every time we raise 12 000$ / 8050€, we will reach a new region of the world. You might think it’s way too expensive... Let us explain a bit more how we conceive this budget. First of all, with the highest respect we have for each woman we meet, every day of the trip has a maximum of two to three shootings. It’s important for us to ritualize every meeting, to take time to have tea and chit chat before and after the shootings.

For every goal we reach, we will travel as a duo for three weeks or so. Our plan is to go around the world, so we expect expensive fees, including those for this campaign. Have a look at our estimations.

Flying overseas :  1400$ / 990€ x 2 travelers

At destination, traveling on train, buses, renting a car to reach the countryside : 500$ / 355€  x 3 week

Travel insurances : 400$ / 280€ x 2 travelers

Food for 3 weeks : 60$ / 40€ per day x 2 travelers 

Accommodation : 100$ / 107€ x 20 nights

Film photography budget : 120$ / 85€ x 3 weeks

Lab printing fees : 250$ / 180€ x 3 weeks

Equipment ( Mamiya camera, tripod, audio recorder, lenses, etc. ) : 3500$ / 2400€ x 3 weeks

Campaign fees ( Ulule, consultant, marketing investment ) : 3450 $ / 2450€

Rewards production fees : 3000$ / 2000€

We will do our best to travel on a shoestring like we’ve always done. this way, if our trip costs less than the budget raised, we will keep it for the next destination and try to reach as many women as possible !

OBJECTIVE 1 : 5000$ / 3400€


We plan to seek out meetings with women from the four corners of Quebec, this vast province where far away regions are filled with magnificent women. Thanks to all of you who have been supporting the project from it’s beginnings ! From the costs of the Gaspesie to the tundras of the great North, through the forests of Abitibi and the fields of Estrie, a road trip would allow us to collect a large number of backsides.

OBJECTIVE 2 : 17 000$ / 11 500 €


In Europe awaits us many women whom have expressed their support for our project on social media and through French and Swiss media. Mesdames, our cousins from the old country, we will come all the way to you.

OBJECTIVE 3 : 29 000$ / 19 600€


Have you ever heard of all those amazing legends about Mexican women ? Strong witches, beautiful dancers, soulful grand-ma’s as well as the famous stories of Frida Khalo…Hunting colors and ancestor's knowledge, let’s travel outside of the first world...all the way to this land of myths and teachings.

OBJECTIVE 4 : 41 000$ / 27 700€


Quebec is great, but let’s not forget our canadian and american sisters from the west coast of America ! British Columbia and it’s high summits, the deserts of California, Oregon and it’s fantastic landscapes...an amazing region to photograph beauty and curves.

OBJECTIVE 5 : 53 000$ / 35 800€


Since we have both been to Southeast Asia about eight times, especially in Thailand where we have made a great group of friends by learning a tiny bit their language, we think it might be easy to meet women who will partake in our photographic adventure. We told ourselves : eastern world behinds are beautiful, it’s now time to investigate the culture of women from the other side of the planet, where the body is treated differently and where it would be a great challenge to access it’s intimacy.  Sué mâk mâ !

OBJECTIVE 6, 7, 8, 9, 1000 ... are up to you ! If we end up raising a lot of money, we will be able to go all round the world, from Africa to South America, North Eaurope to Australia ! 

Reward 3 : Tote Bag by the artist Celia Marquis

Reward 4 : choice of three photographs

" La fenêtre "  

" Vénus " 

" La Randonnée " 

Reward 5 : crew neck by the artist Marin Blanc

Reward 6 : crew neck by the 1001Fesse crew

Reward 7 : three photographs from reward 4

Reward 8 : Large format print ( 61 x 81cm, 24" x 30" )

Reward 10 : three big format print ( 16" x 20" )

To sponsor our project, contact us directly at [email protected]

About the project owner

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Emilie Mercier, professional photographer and plastigrapher, travels the world with her Mamiya Film camera by her side through which she captures softness, sensitivity, vulnerability, and beauty. Her images, where forms emerge with grace and intuition, remind us of the nature of things and that which makes them grandiose. Emilie works as a producer and art director in Montreal, as well as a photographer. 

Emilie’s professional Facebook page

Frédérique Marseille is the disciple, or perhaps “the assistant”. She is the one who holds the blanket when a brave model reveals her curves to the camera, the one to jot down quotations as they’re uttered, the one who breaks the ice by saying “Well yes, we all think we’re ugly. But we’re all beautiful”. Frederique is the entrepreneur, the mediator, the creator ! Frédérique is the founder of the art sharing platform www.artbangbang.com and manager of the art start up Sipirt.Objx.

Our Mission ?

To unravel a long visual poem, a tribute to the female body.