The folding helmet by Overade

More chic, more practical

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  • espmolina

    Can I get a refund instead? Thank you.

  • totonaritvanich

    Can I change a helmet size?

  • johnsonlin7549

    any news for shipping time ? i wait for a year !!!!!!

  • teamoveradeCreator

    Hi backer.

    We clearly understand your comments and to give detailed and precise answers to your questions, we'd rather answer you directly and personally. What we do. So do not hesitate to send your questions directly to it will be easier for us to coming back to you.

    Another important point is that we send monthly news about where we are and the timing. Those emails are sent to the email address you used when backing us. Those emails very often arrive in your spams. Please double check them. This will permit you to better understand the situation and not considering that you are "blind", with no info.

    So again, do not hesitate to contact us directly at if you'd like to receive some more info than monthly news.

    Thanks again,
    Overade team

  • espmolina

    Still waiting on on my S/M helmet too. Can you guys give us an explanation as to why you can deliver the L/XL and not the S/M? You should have mention during the campaign that S/M will be a separate effort if it is. It looks like S/M is separate project from the L/XL.

  • d12345

    I'm waiting for my small helmet, too...

  • balzacbee

    Waiting on my large helmet still.

  • lfreitas

    Any expectation for shipping the S/M Plixi?

  • budieryanto

    Hi ,
    Needed your information about my delivery helmet , thank you

  • julienguillot

    Un an et demi, c'est long...
    Quelles nouvelles pour le casque taille S/M ?

  • dtyler

    Thanks! Got mine last week!!! Have used it everyday!

  • djoc

    I've received mine 3 weeks ago, and I'm using it everyday since then.
    it looks rock solid, and when folded, fit in my rucksack.

    Thanks for the great job !

  • tiiiiiiiiii


    I got this photo from the News section. I assumed that you have already received at least 80 cartons (say 80x12 = 1000 helmets) last month. What happened to our 231 helmets paid one and a half year ago?

  • mcmaione

    Philippe and Clément,

    I see from the Overade website that you have begun listing places in GB, France and Spain where the helmet will be sold. But what about delivering the helmets to the 231 people who, more than 18 months ago, supported the project financially. Isn't time for us to receive what we have been waiting for? We see pictures, are told that the City of Paris have given its imprimatur to the project, and yet les casques tardent à venir. Ma question est bien simple: Quand nous les enverrez-vous?



  • yenni

    Casque reçu hier !!! Superbe !!! Belles finitions, beau packaging, vraiment simple à plier et déplier, volume plié très réduit par rapport au volume déplié : à la hauteur de mes attentes !!

    Merci Overade !!!

  • bertjeajc

    Kickstarter/foldable helmet is perfect for anyone who wants to look like a MIG 21 pilot. Thus, I prefer to wait some more weeks rather than being laught at me by people wearing less ugly helmets than me. Once I have my Overade helmet, I'm sure about the opposite. Congratulations chaps and take the time it takes to make it perfect! Just forget about people who support innovation by speeding them up straight into the wall.
    I am a good candidate for second batch shipment so you can please bad players.

  • teamoveradeCreator

    Hi everybody,

    This short comment to give more information about recent elements indicated here under.

    Every person who wrote us a comment received a personal and detailed answer from us within 24h. This is clearly important for us. But please, feel free to write us at if you'd like to receive more details than News we send our backers.

    However, there was maybe a misunderstanding because English is not our native language, but let me tell you that we are not working at 100% but 200% on this project!

    Actually Overade is more than a full time job for us: this is a full week and week end job for us! But it is not a problem because this is the minimum we can do to deliver you. So don't worry, we remain more than focused on our folding helmet :)

    So again, feel free to contact us at if you'd like more info than traditional News sent. We are here for this.

    Thanks very much for your support.

    Overade team.

  • jasz

    I totally agree with ti & lfreitas . I had contact them before, it is very disappointing how many times they have fail there died lines. 18 Months with no update & info when and why the delay is totally unacceptable . He has explain to me they have side jobs beside this project, I hopes you guys understand We made an effort to support your project & you guys should make an effort to at least telling us what happen. It even more upset when ifreitas mention some helmets has been sold to public. I hope you know we are waiting for your answer !!!

  • tiiiiiiiiii

    I'm agreed with Ifreitas, It is almost 18 months (one and a half year!) now since we backed your project. Last July I found a collapsible helmet project in Kickstarter, I backed them and got those helmets within four months. This is very disappointing.

  • lfreitas

    Nice to hear that the helmets are being showned (and sold).
    I just would like to make a point: The project was possible by the support of all the backers. It is not pleasing to see helmets being sold, which can be now acquired in Paris, even in small quantitites, by anyone.

    Backers should have been respected, and being the ones to be served first. They have made this project come alive ( I suppose).

    More than one year has gone by and everyone's waiting.

    I strongly advise you to check how Kickstarters supporters are being treated in what respects to my comment above.

    This is just my personal opinion but I'm sure I won't be alone.

    Luis de Freitas